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“Trend is only a guideline... My main inspiration comes to me from the brides-to-be themselves. I strive to create for them a dress which really suits them.”

La maison Fabienne Alagama
La maison Fabienne Alagama

For nearly 10 years, the designer Fabienne Alagama has created her own brand of wedding dress. Her ultra-feminine and very sexual style allows her to design glamorous wedding dresses with a timeless style. Her bare-back designs are incomparable and have made the general public aware of her. Even today, the backs of Fabienne Alagama’s wedding dresses are a major feature of her artistic touch.
Another very important element for the designer is the choice of her materials that she wishes to be top quality. This is why her silk is French or Italian, just like the lace and guipure which are also a characteristic element of her style.

Creative at heart, Fabienne Alagama has been passionate, since her teenage years, about customising clothes. She borrowed the family sewing machine to transform her clothes and thus create unique pieces. She had found her calling and decided, at the age of 19, to leave La Réunion in order to set up a design school in Paris. After two successive visits to haute couture designers, she decides to move towards the world of wedding dresses and will never leave it.

“My first creation was very simple, chic and without lace.

La maison Fabienne Alagama

As artistic director at different wedding dress companies, she quickly found her style and her creations soon brought happiness to brides-to-be. But Fabienne Alagama wanted to be free to fully express herself as a designer and decided to launch her own brand.

“I like chiffon or silk crepe wedding dresses which make it possible to have a real structure, but also possess a fluid design, a wispy side on the bottom.”

Above all a technician, perfectionist and demanding, Fabienne attaches very specific importance to beautiful finishes.

La maison Fabienne Alagama

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