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Terms and conditions of sale

These terms and conditions of sale govern the contractual relations between Fabienne Alagama SARL (RCS PARIS B 507 959 559), hereinafter « Fabienne Alagama » and its clients and it especially applies to any purchase made from Fabienne Alagama.

They can be modified at any time, the applicable conditions are those current in the order date.

Clause n°1: Ordering Process

The client makes her choice among the wedding dresses which are presented to her in the shop or/and in the catalog or also in the website It’s possible for her, if she wants it, to mix different wedding gowns of the collection as she wants, or she can asks modifications. Fabienne Alagama’s responsibility can only be committed on the technical feasibility of the modifications requested on the wedding dresses, the aesthetic criteria resulting from modifications desired by the client returning only to the appreciation of the latter whatever the opinion of the Fabienne Alagama teams.

Once her choice made, the client can ordering at Fabienne Alagama who will give her an order confirmation including:

- The name of the wedding dress ordered as it appears on our website, any changes requested and the main materials constituting it
- The main measurements of the client taken during the order
- The wedding dress’s price ordered and the price of possible changes
- The first date of the fitting and the delivery date of her wedding dress
- The amount of the deposit paid to the order as well as the terms of payment

It is expressly agreed that the photographs of the products on the Fabienne Alagama website, the brochures, the plates and any other supports intended to present the said products and indicating their name have no contractual value. The Fabienne Alagama’s responsibility can not in any case be committed to them.

It is expressly agreed that the unit price present in the order includes TTC and the possible retouch to do to the wedding dress except specification specified on the purchase order. On the other hand, any modification asked by the client about her wedding dress after the date of the order, whether as regards the materials used or the design of the wedding dress or the measurements tof this one will be billed, according to a quote submitted by Fabienne Alagama to the client. In case of taking or losing significant weight or unplanned pregnancy, necessary changes will be in charge by the client. In case of disagreement about the modifications’ price, the wedding dress will be established in accordance to the initial order.

Clause n°2: Terms of payment

Payments are made in cash, by credit cards or by a bank check according to the bill established by Fabienne Alagama. Payment by bank transfer are not accepted. In the case of unpaid debts, penalties for delay of 5% will be due.
The price should be paid as follow :

– 50% of the price is paid during the order, 20% during the first fitting, 25% during the 2nd fitting and the balance minimum one week before the delivery of the wedding dress. The balance must be imperatively paid by credit card or in cash but no check will be accepted.

– Partial payments are analyzed as advances : they can not be reimbursed in case of cancellation of the order and are worth committing to pay the full price agreed even in case of cancellation of the order by the client.

The wedding dresses are made to the client's measures and in response to a personalized request, the customer can not, in the event of cancellation, require Fabienne Alagama to establish a credit for the price set by him.

Clause n°3: Delay

The deadline fixed during the order commit both Fabienne Alagama and the client. If one or the other can not honor the appointments of fitting and/or of the delivery, she has to inform the other at least 24h in advance. For organizational reasons, appointments can be modified by Fabienne Alagama without this constituting any fault of the company.
If the deadline is not respected by the client, Fabienne Alagama will not be responsible of the late delivery. Similarly, Fabienne Alagama can not be held responsible for any type of delayed delivery at a price or weight loss having consequences on the initial measurements.

The number of technical appointments to realize before delivery shall not be less than two. It varies according to the models and morphologies and can be given only for information purposes without it can be considered as commitment from Fabienne Alagama company. A higher number of appointments than the one given as information purposes can not be the subject of any compensation or reimbursement of transport costs.

Finally, the delivery date indicated during the order is just given as information purpose and it is prone to vary in reasonable proportions.

As a result, any reasonable delay (meaning that the dress is delivered before the date of the wedding) in the delivery of the products can not give rise to the benefit of the customer to:
- the award of damages. 
- cancellation of the order. 
In case of dispatch, the risk of transport is entirely borne by the buyer. 
In case of goods missing or deteriorated during transport, the buyer must formulate all the reserves necessary for the receipt of the goods. These reservations must also be confirmed in writing within five days of delivery by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

Clause n°4: Major force

Fabienne Alagama’s responsibility can not be committed en case of sold out of fabrics, failure of a supplier, delay in delivery of a supplier, cessation of production of a fabric, strike (including in transports) or in major force and more generally, for any event not exclusively and directly attributable to it.

Fabienne Alagama conserve la propriété des biens vendus (robe de mariée ou accessoires) jusqu'au paiement intégral du prix, en principal et en accessoires. Par ailleurs, aucune livraison ne pourra avoir lieu sans que le règlement complet n’ait été acquitté par la cliente.

Clause n°5: Title retention clause

Fabienne Alagama keeps the ownership of the goods sold (wedding gown or accessories) until full payment of the price, in principal and accessories. Otherwise, no delivery can be made without full payment by the client.

Clause n°6: Personal data

In accordance with the law relating to computing, to files and freedoms of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access, modify and delete your personal data collected by Fabienne Alagama. Those data are only used to process your order and your relations with Fabienne Alagama and those data are communicated to some third parties and are destroyed once your order realized and its price entirely settled by your care. You may exercise these rights by contacting Fabienne Alagama SARL at her postal address : 1, rue Galvani – 75017 PARIS or by e-mail :

Clause n°7: Court of competent jurisdiction

Any dispute relating to the interpretation and execution of these general conditions of sale is subject to French law.
In the absence of an amicable resolution, the dispute will be brought to the Commercial Court of Paris.


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